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Level II ACE Personal Trainer

USAT Certified Coach

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Group Group trip to the bouy! Tod's Point, Greenwich, Connecticut
Bouy SwimRed bouy #34! Mission accomplished!
ElementarySmiling ALM athletes at Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, 2009.
Sleepy Hollow TriGTC athletes at Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, 2010.
Marisol Jo JanFellow athletes, Marisol and Jan, sherpa Joanne in Florida at the 70.3 Ironman Championships in 2009!

Thank you for visiting the Active Life Multisport website, a multisport coaching company designed to fulfill goals for men, women and children. who are interested in improving their individual multisport skills.

I offer safe training programs customized to fulfill your goals based on your ability and desire to improve. After initial consultation I will not only have you realize your primary goals but also determine how much more you can do.

My philosophy is to educate and coach the entire person which includes the physical, mental, and spiritual being.. ultimately making you feel empowered. The results of my training program will not stop at sport.  It will spill over into all aspects of your life creating a healthy, strong, well-rounded person...athlete